How the Original colorful Buca Belt began

Buca Belts started with an idea back in 2017 when we (9 year old twins included) set out to create an exciting, vibrant, and unique belt.  Since the boys spent so much time on the golf course wearing brightly colored shirts, they wanted a belt that was just as bold. We looked for quality golf belts beyond the solid colored white, gray or black belts and found there wasn’t much offered in a multicolored, quality golf belt that could really make a statement.  So what did we do…..get out a white belt, some painters tape and a whole bunch of Sharpies!  "The Original" belt was then drawn by the family. 

Over the next two years we spent time creating and evaluating various samples from multiple manufacturers. We quickly found friends and family loved the ratchet style adjustable belts the most. We finally were able to design a colorful quality belt that we could launch to the public in 2020. The "Original Belt", one of the fan favorites, is featured in the photograph, this is a recreation of the first belt we worked on as a family!

Buca Belts makes a statement and can be adjusted to almost any size.  Be prepared, because strangers will stop you and ask you where you got your belt!  We are continuously coming up with new patterns and colors, so keep a lookout for more to come in the future. A Perfect Fit For the Greens and Your Jeans! 

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"Are they only for golf?"  Answer - Absolutely not!  Buca Belts are 'A Perfect Fit For The Greens AND Your Jeans' 

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