All Buca Belts fit up to size 48" waist!

How to make your Buca Belt fit you:

Step 1: Open Buckle. A small flat head screwdriver works best. Our health and safety department suggest you don't use a knife!

Step 2: Remove Buckle.  Using two hands (one if you want to be fancy), pull the strap out of the buckle.

Step 3: Cut To Your Size. You can lay it next to you previously favorite belt that fits you well and cut to the same length.  Our advice is to start a little longer, because you can always trim a little more off. (R&D hasn't yet figured out how to add it back on!)

Step 4: Re-Attach Buckle and Look Awesome!  That's the easy part.

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"Are they only for golf?"  Answer - Absolutely not!  Buca Belts are 'A Perfect Fit For The Greens AND Your Jeans' 

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