Buca Belts Ratchet No Hole Belt!

You have a belt with no holes?  

We have been asked about this and how a belt, like Buca Belts, works. Let’s start with the basics of this popular style belt which often is referred to as a ratchet belt, click belt, and automatic belt among others.  Buca Belts is a belt with no holes that uses a ten inch track to lock the buckle in place, rather than a few holes which tend to wear out over time. This track provides a more customized fit that can be adjusted within millimeters, rather than having the option of only 5 or 6 holes. With the adjustment being hidden on the back of the belt, it allows you get the perfect fit and no holes to wear out!

Buca Belts is a one size fits most all, from children to a waist size of up to 46 inches. Once you cut to your size, attach the buckle, all that is left is to slip it and click it to your waist! This kind of belt is easy to use once you have experienced it first hand. We have dedicated a page specifically on our website so that you can actually see a picture of how a Buca Belt works  Take a look at the FAQ’s section on our Buca Belts website to help you understand the design and how to assist your first time in getting in and out of your fabulous bright Buca Belt! Buca Belts are A Perfect Fit For The Greens And Your Jeans!

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"Are they only for golf?"  Answer - Absolutely not!  Buca Belts are 'A Perfect Fit For The Greens AND Your Jeans' 

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